What are our objetives?

Japan Martial Arts Magazine

First of all, instead of bringing the reader the famous masters – of whom so much has already been written and said – we want to cover the less well-known –Japanese and non Japanese- instructors and masters that today, both in Japan and in the West, form the solid pillars of traditional budo.

Through our pages, we would like to offer up to date interviews that provide information about their styles and their work. We also intend to rescue from oblivion the female budoka masters who, perhaps in an environment where the male has occupied a predominant role and often working in the shadows, have not been duly valued for the great work they perform. It will be our pleasure to give them voice through our pages and listen to what they can tell us. Likewise we would like to introduce the reader to different aspects of Japanese culture that have or have had an influence on budo culture.

Budo Masters

Bring the reader closer to masters of the traditional martial arts of Japan.

Traditional Budo

Articles on traditional Budo and its master of past and present.

Japanese Culture

Introduce the reader to different facets and arts that have influenced budo culture.

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